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Wonderful game , universal , and not get bored . Nice to see that the developers are constantly working on Dota 2 . Always nice to see the changes , but they are good and not always successful .
For me , Dota 2 , one of the most beloved games.
Recommend only for balanced persons over at least 16 years. For patient people , and for those who does not like that a bit , so just screaming left and right, what he thinks about each of those with whom plays .
As for the tactics of warfare , it is very pleased that the developers are trying to help all the efforts to learn to play for those who have a little trouble with this .
Like and what you can offer your stuff to the game , with the consequent possibility of its implementation. Like the fact that it is possible to obtain after the fight things that you can still buy , and in consequence to arrange barter.
Extremely excited to be able to play without the Internet, with friends, excited to be able to arrange for team fights , or play with the enemy , from 1x1 to 5x5 .
Still a lot of good and not so that is an abundance of emotions in Dota 2 . I express my gratitude.

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