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Приглашение от разработчиков Bless принять участие в ЗБТ. Поиск кандидатов.: обложка
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Приглашение от разработчиков Bless принять участие в ЗБТ. Поиск кандидатов.


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На днях на почту онгаба пришло письмо от разработчкив BLESS на английском:


You are receiving this email because you signed up to receive more information about BLESS, the upcoming game by Neowiz Games and Neowiz Bless Studio.

Love MMORPG's? Want to talk about it? 

NEOWIZ BLESS STUDIO is currently looking for a few devoted MMORPG fans from North America and/or Europe to interview on camera to use as part of a presentation at the Korea Games Conference in Seoul, Korea. Why are we doing this? We here at NEOWIZ BLESS STUDIO value our fans' feedback above all else. We want to know all of the things you love and hate about MMORPG's, how the genre affects and defines you as a person, and what type of features are most important to you as a gamer. If you would like to participate, please email us back at "bless_team@neowiz.com"

Participants are required to: 

  • 1) Speak fluent English 
  • 2) Agree to public use of interview content 
  • 3) Have played popular, mainstream MMORPGs for more than 6 months and can talk about them in detail 
  • 4) Must be at least 18 years old 
  • 5) Be able to participate in a Skype video call If chosen as a participant, regardless of whether we use your interview or not, we will give you direct access to the upcoming BLESS closed beta test. 

The development team has been working tirelessly on the game in recent months, but we will soon have some really exciting news about BLESS that we can't wait to talk about! Stay tuned for incoming updates! Best Regards,

Neowiz Bless Studio Team 

© 2013 Neowiz Games Corporation, Neowiz Bless Studio Corporation. All rights reserved.


Вкратце. Разработчики БЛЕСС ищут кандита на создание и ведение базы или фансайта по игре. Хотят записать интервью с кандидатом и выдать ему ключь на ЗБТ. От кандидата требуются обзоры игры, стримы и тд. Нужен хороший уровень английского языка. Есть желающие? Контакты разрабов есть в письме, так что если кто согласится - чирканите мне в ЛС.

Тот кто согласится и у него получится пройти интервью - того юзера сделаем хранителем базы по Блесс соответственно.

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