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Ghost2611-09-2019, 13:21 698

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Привет всем, Жива ли испанка? Есть ли смысл там играть?

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  • аватар

    Somewhere around 06-08 or so there were several games like “non-MMORPG, but MMORVR”, one example was from Square, and it was called FEZ, or Fantasy Earth Zero. They were mainly three fractions of RVR with big battles for control and capture of crystals. reverse phone lookup nba reddit pcpartpicker I played a few more, one of them was iso / 2.5D, nice sprites with different classes.

    In any case, I was wondering if anyone has a list of all these types of games and in which year they closed. Or I can make my own list with some help.

    Also, if anyone knows any of these types of games that are still alive, I am looking for names to scratch my nostalgic bone.


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